Why I Got a Walmart Rewards Credit Card

The other day I received my Walmart Rewards Mastercard in the mail. Yes I got another credit card. The funny part is that I go approved on the spot a few weeks ago and the clerk tried to urge me to use it right away. I told her that I can wait until I get the physical credit card in the mail. Talk about pushy sales people.

What’s the deal with my Walmart credit card?

  • Cashback is 1.25% at Walmart and 1% anywhere else.
  • $15 free gift.
  • The interest rate is the usual 19% crap. I don’t care what the APR is because I plan on paying that bill of the second I get it.
  • No annual fee.

What’s the point of my Walmart credit card?

Who gives a shit that I got a new credit card, right? Don’t worry I’m not going to push any Walmart credit card affiliate links on you (maybe next time!).

The truth is that Im conducting an experiment. I want to see how much money I spend on food every single month.

I must confess that I spend a small fortune on food every month. Before you criticize me please keep in mind that I have a rigorous gym schedule. I train with my little brother on weights a few times a week, I attend kickboxing classes, and I do kettleball swings as well. Therefore, I eat A LOT of food. I eat plenty of protein. I also go for fast food meals because I love my food. I eat plenty of food from Walmart because they sell all kinds of protein. I love chicken, egg whites, and tuna. Walmart sells packs of chicken for five bucks and I absolutely love them. I had three packs of this chicken yesterday to be honest!

Why am I doing this experiment?

Since I do most of my grocery shopping at Walmart I might as well get some cashback out of it. Now I know that in my premium guide, Completely Conquer Credit, I generally bash store specific credit cards. The reason that I signed up for one is because I actually shop at this store often and would like to get some cashback rewards for it. I also want to use my credit card bill from Walmart to see how much money I spend on food in November.

The problem with behavioral change is that we focus on changing everything at once. Either that or we go for extremes. I’m sorry but you can’t stop spending in every single category. You also can’t go from being a big spender to never spend a dime again. We just don’t operate like that.

That’s why I’m being totally realistic with this experiment. I’m going to buy my groceries from Walmart like I normally do. I just want to see how much money I spend on food on a monthly basis and if I can improve this. Since food and getting wasted (socializing or entertainment to be more politically correct) is where I spend the most of my money I want to see how I can improve on these categories. I’m going to work on the going out part next. Well, not next month because December has my birthday and Christmas.

As soon as I get my bill in December (or when I check it online) I’m going to share with you how much money I spent on food in November. This could be scary. Stay tuned.

Ask the readers– what are you going to track or improve on in November? Don’t wait for the New Year. Set a anti-New Year resolution and reach your goal by the time everyone else is setting new goals that they will NEVER reach.


  1. says

    Nothing wrong with the store cards, unless they have an annual fee.

    Funny story: I applied for a store card to get 15% off a massive purchase (during a sale, of course). When the credit limit & approval came back the lady who had run it looked up at me with wide eyes, then at my (then) fiancee, then back at me and said “Wow! You got a great limit! You should take her shopping!” (while motioning to my fiancee).

    What can you do? I just thanked her and left, but we had a good laugh about it later.

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