Best of Money Carnival #35: All Over The Place Edition

Welcome to the Best of Money Carnival!

After debating back and forth, I finally ended up with my 10 articles. It then hit me. The articles I chose were really all over the place. From debt reduction to earning more money to net worth, and yes all the way to baby boomers.

Am I weird? Perhaps. My interests are all over the place. With that being said, I hope you guys enjoy the top 10 articles of the week!

1. Paul presents We’re Debt Free! How We Paid Off 63K in 11 Months. posted at FiscalGeek. How can you not love a story like this? Moral of the story- if you pay off 63K in debt you’ll be #1 in a blog carnival.

2. Ray @ Financial Highway presents 7 Money Lessons From Monopoly posted at Financial Highway. I don’t know why but I’ve been playing Monopoly a lot lately. A very fun and reminiscent article to read.

3. Matt Jabs presents Debt Slavery- What it is & How to Get Out posted at Debt Free Adventure. A must read article for anyone that’s in debt.

4. FMF presents Three Easiest Ways to Earn More Money posted at Free Money Finance. FMF is known for promoting the fact that your career can be your greatest investment. A solid post with links to more articles on making more money.

5. J. Money presents If a millionaire told you how to be rich, would you listen? posted at Budgets are Sexy. Some valid points. We take advice a bit more seriously when it comes from a richer person. We should all start listening to millionaires like J. Money.

6. Jeff Rose presents Why You Should Check Your Credit Report Regularly posted at Jeff Rose. It’s highly advisable you know where your credit stands before you apply for major loan (car, auto).

7. PT presents Spending Less on Gifts in 2010 posted at PT Money. Not sure if I’ll spend less money next Christmas. I’m just too generous when it comes to getting my family great gifts. Maybe I’ll learn how to knit a sweater or something.

8. debt kid presents Why do We Get Into Credit Card Debt posted at Debt Kid. A worth while discussion with some interesting comments.

9. jim presents How to Measure and Track Your Net Worth posted at Bargaineering. It’s definitely worth keeping track of what you’re worth.

10. DR presents 5 Financial Goals for Baby Boomers posted at The Dough Roller. I’ll make sure to read this in 30 years.

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