Great Small Businesses for Couples

When you’re starting your own business, it can be pretty tough if you’re doing it by yourself. A lot of startup businesses say that having a partner has made things a lot easier for them. With a partner, you have someone to help you, someone to rely on, someone to delegate to, and ultimately someone who can make decisions with you (or for you in some situations). Finding a partner can be difficult though. It has to be someone you trust, someone you have chemistry with, someone who understands you, and someone who is as passionate about the business as you are. Who’s a better partner than your significant other or your spouse? Couples can make great dual entrepreneurs. Here are some great small businesses for couples:

  • Childcare: Childcare can be a fulfilling and lucrative business for a couple. You can have your own kids or enjoy helping other parents with their kids. Many daycare services are set up in the owner’s home, so if you have extra space for the children, this can be a nice place to set up shop. Couples can split up the duties for childcare. One person can focus on the teaching, and the other can focus on cooking and transportation. The partnership in this type of business can be very rewarding.
  • Restaurant: People can tell when food is made from love, and that’s the best kind of food. A husband/wife owned restaurant can definitely be a great business. If one person is good at cooking and the other person has a business mindset, you can have a successful restaurant. Decide on a menu, look for a location, and start recruiting a staff if need be. In these days, you don’t even need a restaurant in one location. Food trucks could be a great opportunity for you and your lover to live out your foodie dreams!
  • Retail: The retail industry is broad and can include just about anything you can sell. It can be clothes, appliances, technology, furniture, anything! Find out what you and your spouse both enjoy, decide whether you would like to create your own brand or sell other trusted products as an affiliate or vendor, and set up shop. The great thing is you can set up a store online, and maintain your business from the comfort of your home.
  • Blogging: One of my favorite blogs is ran by a husband and wife team. I love that I can get the perspective of both the man and the woman. If there’s something you and your significant other both enjoy, start a blog about it! You can split up the amount of editorial work, work on the business aspect like advertising, and have double the promotion power.
  • Bed and Breakfast: Another home based business, a bed and breakfast can be a nice venture for you and your spouse. You can either set up your primary home for the location, or find another home for the lodging. Decorate it nicely, choose some good meal options for your guests, and just be all around courteous. A lot of guests enjoy when a couple runs a bed and breakfast, as it can set a peaceful and romantic mood for their stay.

If you’re interested in starting your own business, talk to your other half about it and see if they would be interested in going into business as your partner. It could make your relationship that much stronger. You can also be surprised by what networking can do for you. Network and discover other opportunities like Tom Mower and his marketing successes.

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  1. says

    What’s the blog you follow written by the married couple? And I too, worked in a restaurant owned by a husband and wife. The husband was straight out of Italy (so he had a REALLY bad temper) and the wife was a little blonde barbie. They would FIGHT almost once a week and it would be so awkward for the servers. Sometimes the customers could hear him swearing but it was mostly in Italian. Also, he would get really protective of his wife sometimes and he came out of the kitchen and nearly killed one of the servers for having an attitude with her. Still gives me nightmares! I can’t believe they’re still together or that the restaurant is still operating.

    I don’t think I could work with my spouse like that everyday because you’re bound to fight a lot. I think it’s nice to have your own separate jobs and then come home to each other after.

  2. Tim says

    Another interesting thing about starting any company with your spouse is the legal side of the equation. For example if you start a company on your own it becomes a Sole Proprietor entity. This means that the company’s money and your money are linked. But once you have Partners (your spouse) it make it a more legitimate LLC. Another benefit for starting a company is using your spouse to maintain a certain amount of ownership. In some cases you can get funding for being a female owned company or other minority run businesses. I am currently trying to start up a little something and because my wife is still in school and she is a partner we get the benfits of her being in school.

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