Festival of Frugality #377 – Is Summer Here Yet?

by Martin

Is it summer time yet? Last week I was chilling by the pool bar in Puerto Plata and this week I’m awaiting snow. Such is life. I’m just jealous that some of my friends reading this get to live in the sun 24/7. Once again, is it summer yet?

What caught my eye this week?

Crystal presents Life’s Priorities – Take a New Look Regularly posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. I’ve been writing here for almost 3 years and have found a common thread in my money posts – I seem to change my financial priorities every few months.

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey presents Couch Surfing – How Does it Work and Is it Right for You? posted at My Personal Finance Journey. Couch surfing (the frugal way to travel!) is a common expression used to refer to home stay networks, accommodation sharing, and hospitality services. This post describes how couch surfing began, how it works, and if it’s the right resource for you to use while you’re traveling.

John presents Married… and Almost Out of Debt posted at Married with Debt. When my husband and I tied the knot, we were $55k in debt. By the end of our newlywed phase, it was nearly $200k. Here’s how we got out of debt… almost.

Kyle presents Can You Base a Business Idea on Your Hobby? posted at The Penny Hoarder. Everyone has at least one hobby they do when they’re feeling bored or want to take their mind off other things such as work.  However, did you know that you could be able to turn almost any hobby or special skill you have into a job or perhaps a business? This infographic will show you.

Kyle presents More Money for Beer and Textbooks posted at My University Money. If you are about to begin your post-secondary journey, are currently trying to navigate those bumpy waters, or know someone that is, More Money for Beer and Textbooks is the cure for massive student debt, credit card bills that grow larger by the month, and the stress that accompanies financial worries.

The rest of the awesome bunch…

Kristen presents 10 Free or Cheap Winter Activities posted at My Dollar Plan.It’s so easy to find free things in summer to do since the weather is warm and the days are long. Winter is a little more difficult but we still have some ideas!

Jeremy presents Preparing To Venture Into Investing posted at Modest Money. Over the years I have been making the mistake of listening to the financial advisors at my bank. At the time I did not realize that they were nothing but salesmen. Why am I wasting my time on that crap when the majority of mutual funds get outperformed by indexed funds?

Jason presents The One Car Family – How We Make it Work posted at Work Save Live. In this day and age, where 3 car garages seem to be the norm, how is it possible that a family of two adults, a toddler, and two dogs make it with just one car?

Corey presents Investing Money: How Much is Enough? posted at 20s Finances.
Ray presents Sometimes it Pays to Ask posted at Squirrelers.
Glen Craig presents ReadyForZero | Review – Pay Off and Manage Your Debt posted at Free From Broke.
Steve presents Save Money with these 9 Under-Practiced Food Hacks posted at Grocery Alerts.
Miss T. presents How to Get Your Budget to Balance posted at Prairie Eco Thrifter.
Eddie presents Alternative Ways to Save on Auto Insurance posted at Finance Fox.
FMF presents The Power of Simple Gestures posted at Free Money Finance.
Corey presents 3 Step Easy Debt Reduction Diet posted at Steadfast Finances.
Suba presents My Cup of Tea and the Big Picture posted at Broke Professionals.

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