Honest People Still Do Exist When It Comes To Money

Everywhere you go people are trying to get their hands in your pockets. Your credit card company always calls you with great new offers. Telemarketers call you when you’re eating dinner to sell you something you don’t need. You receive flyers in the mail every day about how only YOU get 50% off if you come in today. It seems like everyone is out to find a way to get our hard earned money.

Fortuneatly I’m here today to discuss a positive event that happened in my life a few days ago. Something hapened that could have greatly ruined my day and even killed any chances of having a fun long weekend. The following is a story about an honest human being that did something very kind with money.

A few days ago I picked up some friends to come over for a barbecue at my place in the backyard. On the way home one friend went on and on about how they were so hungry that they really needed to have a quick snack before the barbecue started. So we all went to a Subway restaurant beside my house and sat down while the friend ate a quick meal.

The meal went fine and after a few minutes we all went back to my place to begin the barbecue. About 15 minutes later my doorbell rings so I go to answer the door. A strange man is standing there and I’m thinking in my head, “what could this person possibly want from me?” I open the door and this strange man hands me my wallet.

Apparently I left my wallet behind at the Subway and this man who doesn’t even live in the area opened the wallet and typed in my address into his GPS & then delivered the wallet to me. I froze for a second and I didn’t know what to say. I was lucky and thankful that honest people still do exist when it comes to money.

If I had lost my wallet I would have had to spend the whole weekend cancelling all kinds of cards and stressing about everything. I would have had to cancel my two credit cards and spend money on a new health card, driver’s license, and school card.

I’m sorry if I wasted your time with this story but I just wanted to share with the readers that there still are those moments in life where good things happen unexpectedly. The take home point for the today is trying doing something very kind with money that you normally wouldn’t do. Give that homeless man on the corner a dollar today, leave a tip at the coffee shop, or anything else you wouldn’t normally. These acts of kindness can really make some one’s day. It certainly made my day.

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