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Exams are over, I have saved a lot of money this year, my blog is running, so what’s next? a vacation of course.

I will be heading to Jamaica next Tuesday for one week, but do not fear because I will go online a few times and try to post a few articles on my blog. The posting schedule will obviously be altered a bit but quality posts will still be up! To keep up with the vacation theme today’s article explains how ANYONE can afford a fabulous vacation down south. Especially considering the fact that prices of normal goods like all inclusive vacations decrease during a recession.

I’m tired of people always saying, “must be nice” every time I go away on my winter vacations down south. The reason I’m tired of hearing this is the fact that everyone and anyone can afford to go on a vacation every year. It does not matter how much money you make as long as you have the proper discipline and patience. Let me break it down, on average an all inclusive vacation down south to a resort in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, or Mexico will cost you about $1000 in the winter. Granted, obviously if you decide to treat yourself like royalty and go to a 5 star in Jamaica you will probably need to shell out at least $1500. Granted, if you are someone who is just looking to relax on the beach all week and get drunk at night then you can go to Cuba where prices on average tend to be cheaper. Also if you plan on going during the peak seasons (December or Feb/March) then you may pay a bit more.

However, with all things being equal let’s just assume that a vacation down south will cost you roughly $1000. Right away people will look at this number and think that it is a lot of money and you go to be rich to afford it. This is in fact NOT true at all. Notice that earlier in the article I mentioned that you must be patient. If you are willing to be patient then here’s how you can afford an all inclusive vacation. Every week put away $20, that’s right, just twenty bucks. Let’s be honest $20 a week is nothing and in fact it is what we would most likely spend on junk food, coffee, and all kinds of other useless stuff. At the end of every week take $20 and put into a savings account, or give it someone to hold for you, or even place it a safe spot in your room. Most of us will not notice twenty bucks every week, and in fact at the most we would have to sacrifice is some junk food or a couple of beers at a Night Club. Now to make it even simpler let’s look at the math.

$20  X  52 weeks in a year= $1040

There you go, all it takes is 20$ a week and every year you will be able to get away from the dreadful Canadian winter to enjoy yourself in a beautiful warm country with all the food and alcohol you can handle. Then when you come back from your amazing vacation you will have that annoying friend tell you, “it must be nice.” To which you will respond, “yes it is.”


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    I understand your point completely but the goal of this article is to show young people the “bigger picture” and more specifically how far you could actually stretch $20. Granted everyone is in a unique situation when it comes to finances and we have all made different choices. Some of us have our education costs covered and work part time for entertainment money while others acquire everything with credit cards.

    I am just trying to show those people who spend $20 a week on lattes, beers, pizza, etc. that by holding back a bit you could stretch the money pretty far. Everyone has different wages and different hours they are able to work so it is extremely difficult to write an article that is applicable to every single person.

    As always this is just my opinion and I respect your opinion and the opinions of all of my readers.

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    I’m not sure I personally have a bitter taste in my mouth when it comes to Cuba, I would certainly like to visit there, if the law didn’t prevent me.

    I don’t want to be a pain, but I question your numbers. $20 a week is an actual burden for some college students. Of course, that’s likely because of the decisions we made when picking school (public vs. private universities, community college or not, luck of the draw when it comes to parents and financial aid…). Still, $20 a week is 3-4 hours of work for me, meaning it’s 20% of what I make. I am probably not the only one that can’t give up 20% for a vacation.

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    Cuba is on the very top of my list. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get to thanks to the embargo and flying via Canada or Mexico can add to the cost significantly.

    I totally agree: take a vacation even if you’re poor. The experience is worth it. Just figure out a way to do it without going into debt.

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    Friends always ask me how can a guy who’s so focused on saving money go traveling so often? The answer is simple, I save money where I can so that I have money to invest and to enjoy my life. If you can make it through your 20s with a decent amount of savings and life experiences then all the power to you.

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