Failure to Launch No More

“If you don’t ship, you actually haven’t started anything at all. At some point, your work has to intersect with the market. At some point, you need feedback as to whether or not it worked. Otherwise, it’s merely a hobby.” — Seth Godin

When’s the last time you did something for the first time? When’s the last time you launched?

I’ll never forget the day that I showed up to the gym and just turned around. I parked in the lot and looked inside. I thought I was ready to tackle the gym and compete for the Mr. Olympia title. I had figured everything out. I was ready to conquer the gym.

  • I had my expensive new supplements as recommended to me by the dude working at GNC in my bag.
  • I had my workout gear.
  • I printed off a fancy workout.
  • I thought was motivated.
  • I paid for the gym membership for one full year upfront.

What happened? Nothing. I got intimated and drove off like a coward.

The truth is that everything I’ve done in my life, I’ve done it too late!

It took me forever to realize that motivation and education weren’t enough to launch or start something new. This is why I had to write the book on launching. I owed it to you and to myself to publish this.

I won’t waste any more time because I know you’re dying to launch!

What’s in here?

Failure to Launch No More

  • A dose of reality if you’ve been slacking off.
  • The wake up call that you need to stop wasting time.
  • The finances behind following through on your goals.
  • The formula for holding on when your motivation has faded.
  • The systems that I have in place for getting shit done.
  • How you can cure boredom so that you don’t waste another precious moment.
  • The startling truth on why you should never listen to your family.
  • How you can finally destroy self-doubt forever!
  • How to use social media to your advantage so that you don’t make a fool out of yourself like your friends do.
  • The $1k rule for your finances.
  • How-to find the best support system so that you’re not even allowed to fail!

Failure to launch


What are the readers saying?

Studenomics student Jacquelyn who’s on her financial freedom journey wrote in with:

“This book is perfect, it’s short not sweet and gets to the point.

I had an issue with excuses, I still do to be honest, but reading Martin’s no BS tactics reminded me that I have been warped to believe things that aren’t in my best interest. He reminds you to think for yourself, dream what you want and what you need to get it. He’s never been one to sugar coat it and I know for sure that’s what a lot of people are used to.

Sure, it feels nice at first to be told it’s easy you just need a few simple things but Martin doesn’t let you fall into the idea of it will magically happen. His method is great, especially for breaking the stigma that your success will fall in your lap. Newsflash…it won’t but I am so grateful because I am breaking out of my financial strangleholds finally thanks to Martin’s help.”

Alex wrote in with:

“Are you satisfied with mediocrity? Are you scared of hard work and the success that comes with it? Do you enjoy watching others live the life you’ve always dreamed of? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is not for you.

This book is not just another fluffy collection of motivational cliches. Martin Dasko lays out a clear-cut plan to achieving the goals that you have convinced yourself are out of reach.

Every page is packed with the know-how you need to eliminate the fears and bad habits that are holding you back. Stop settling for what others expect of you and start making it happen. Your road to complete financial freedom and emotional fulfillment starts here!”

Those are just a few of the reviews from the official Amazon page. I have even more testimonials and updates from readers on the formal sales page! You can check out the reviews here. There’s over 14 five star reviews as of this writing.

[Read more about Failure to Launch No More.]

Will this serve as your wake up call or will you just brush this article off?

P.S. I don’t want to leave you empty handed. I put together one of the chapters and turned it into a quick guide. The chapter on destroying your self-doubt is FREE. Yes, you can destroy all self-doubt. I’m confident enough that this one helpful guide will help you with your most crippling fears. Grab the guide for free.

Finding the Best Savings Plan for College

The Obama Administration’s proposal to tax 529 savings plans for college lead to such an outrage that the administration dropped the idea altogether. This was unfortunate, because it was great news for families planning to use these vehicles to save for their child’s college–a 529 plan is tax-free and enables the withdrawal of funds for higher-education costs.

529 plans are also referred to as state-sponsored investment programs. They provide your child the finance they need to reach their goals. And families don’t need to save the full amount for tuition. Most get a discount in the form of education tax breaks, grants and scholarships, but it’s important to avoid loans or keep them to a minimum so that the child doesn’t graduate with student debt.

The assets in a 529 college savings plan (which is different from a 529 prepaid tuition plan) will be used to cover costs at any eligible educational institute. Parents who find that they may not be able to afford rising college costs need to stash funds away somewhere; these plans are a good option, especially for those who can only manage to save a little at a particular time.

That said, which is the best college savings plan to utilize? Here are the top 3 options to look into this year:

TN Stars 529 Program

This is a program created and offered by the Tennessee Treasury Department. It provides families with 14-investment options and 1 age-based option, great customer service, low fees and many other benefits. The minimal initial contribution to an account per investment option is $25.

After an investor has made the initial contribution to an account, there is no requirement for subsequent contributions. Account owners who are residents of Tennessee are eligible for $100 with a rollover of an entire account balance for a current college savings plan, including the BEST prepaid plan and other 529 savings plans.

UPromise 529 Program

According to Natalie Cooper at, “A 529 plan is tax-deferred and allows college savings to be invested for greater earning potential. The 529 plan can be started with an investment as small as $15, and members can then transfer earnings greater than $25 from their UPromise accounts to the 529 plan”.

Investment returns vary depending upon portfolios selected by the investor. The whole plan is administered by the College Savings Plans of Nevada’s Board of Trustees and chaired by the Nevada State Treasurer. Families who receive funds from such college plans are allowed to gain tax-free treatment on withdrawals for qualified higher education costs, which include supplies, equipment, books, fees and tuition. In some cases, the room and board for the student may also qualify.

T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan

In this savings plan, assets can be used at any eligible public or private college, graduate school, vocational school or university anywhere in the nation. Some international schools may qualify as well. Investment options include 13 portfolios that are professionally managed and specifically created for saving for college costs.

The plan makes it easy for families to get started on savings – they can invest as little as $50 a month. In addition, the company backing the plan will waive the annual account fee when a family opts to invest via Automatic Monthly Contributions.

How to Protect Credit and Avoid Default

Credit relationships are a complex part of each person’s financial picture, enabling education, property ownership, mobility and other essential features of modern living. The ability to borrow extends from revolving credit, as seen with credit cards and store cards, to installment credit, which is typical of home mortgages and car loans. Various short term options, like personal loans and payday loans are also used to cover regular expenses and pop-up spending that requires funding.

Each case is different, but most people end up using a variety of credit resources to make ends meet and realize their financial dreams. What each scenario shares, however, is the responsibility to make good on loans, repaying them according to contracts made with lenders.

Whether you carry a home mortgage, student loans, or simply take advantage of revolving credit opportunities, keeping pace with repayment is essential for protecting your credit and maintaining a positive rating. Loan default, on the other hand, undermines future credit relationships, marking you as a high risk borrower. Once damaged, your credit rating takes years to rebuild, so every possible step should be taken to avoid default.

Strength of Credit.

Your credit rating is based on a series of metrics credit agencies use to evaluate your ability to repay money you borrow. Your income and the length of time you have worked at your current job are considered, alongside your past performance repaying money.

Typically, credit reporting agencies look at your history paying mortgages, credit card balances, utility bills and any other sources of credit that provide feedback as to your creditworthiness. A long history of diverse borrowing is favorable, provided you’ve always met your repayment obligations. Even a missed utility payment now and again can have damaging impacts on your credit score, so it is imperative to stay current with payments.

Building credit involves consistency and diligence, adding positive entries to your history, so future lenders have something to look at as they consider your credit needs.

In many cases, student loans serve as the first long-term credit responsibilities for borrowers, so meeting repayment obligations for education loans is an important first-step toward solid credit. Alarmingly, thousands of UK students default on school loans, setting the stage for lifelong credit difficulties.

Work with Creditors to Avoid Loan Default.

Financial inconsistencies are a natural part of life, so borrowers can expect to run into repayment problems at times. Unanticipated expenses, employment difficulties and a host of other personal circumstances interfere with cash flow, so special accommodations are occasionally required to protect your credit reputation. Short-term financing, for example, may be all that is needed to bridge the gap between paychecks. Various funding options are available for employed borrowers needing a financial boost.

The most important thing to remember when financial hurdles pop-up at home is to take proactive steps with creditors, before payments are delinquent. In most cases, lenders have mechanisms in place to help you over financial inconsistencies – before your credit rating is impacted. By restructuring loans, or extending deferments, lenders facilitate affordable payments and keep borrowers on track. Waiting until payments are overdue, on the other hand, forces lenders to start collections and default actions.

Establishing and protecting a strong credit history is the first step toward financial security. As you borrow and repay money; consistent, timely payments strengthen your rating and reinforce future credit interactions. Delinquency and default quickly erode years of positive performance, so it is essential to be proactive with lenders when payment difficulties arise.

The Economics of Your Love Life in Your 20s — The Article Nobody Else Will Write

“If you want your pockets to jingle, stay single!”

I threw out random quotes to be a jerk while a buddy whined about his most recent break up. I couldn’t be bothered. This happens too often. I’m not a bad friend, but I can’t hear the same pity stories every few months. You need to man up in life!

Life’s far too short to spend it feeling sorry for yourself.


The Economics of Your Love Life

Dating and money.

What’s more fun to discuss than these topics? I’ve saved some money and been on a few dates and in a few relationships, so I figured I would write the article that nobody else wants to.

You know what’s funny? My dad was married by the time he was 27. My mom was only 21. I’m nowhere close to getting married.

Are you single in your 20s? Did you happen to get married at an early age?

“Little boys tease little girls when they’re 8, and women still love it when they’re 28 and 48.” — David DeAngelo

So I must confess that I’m a pretty crappy boyfriend at times. An amazing one at other times. Long story short– I hope that you’re not expecting any relationship advice out of this article. I don’t feel sorry for myself about past breakups nor do I want to brag about any conquests. This article is not about relationship advice or on how-to be a great boyfriend. It’s about money and dating. My favorite topics.

Let’s just have some fun and look at the economics (this is Studenomics) of your love life in your 20s…

What are the economics of being single?

The amount of money that you spend when you’re single vs when you’re in a relationship is drastically different.

Being in a relationship can get expensive. Everything is for two. Dinner for two. Movies for two. Drinks for two. Trips for two. You have to always buy for two.

You’re hoping that your partner pitches in sometimes, but for the most part, the onus is on you to pay. You can’t be selfish. Even if you stop for a quick bite to eat, you have to think about your partner and if they’re hungry or not. You have to plan events for two.

This is both good and bad. Good if you love your partner and don’t mind spending the money. Bad if you’re cheap or a personal finance blogger that tracks his spending.

Then there’s the other side to dating…

You can save money with a partner if you have similar values on finances. This is rare, but I’ve seen frugality zealots get together and save money like nobody’s business.

You can also save money on protection with a partner. Don’t judge me for saying this, but um, having a girlfriend means you can throw away the latex.

When you’re single you better put on the latex unless you want the “I’m late” text.

You have guaranteed sex, always.

You don’t have to stress about going out, paying for expensive dates, or worrying about the next time you’re going to get laid. As someone in their 20s this is important. Don’t even try to tell me that sex isn’t a priority for you. Unless you’re a corpse of course. Having a partner means that you never have to worry about the next time you’re going to have sex. This can really keep you in line and focused on your other goals.

How does that joke go? Sex is like air. You don’t realize how important it is until you’re not getting any.

You have to go out more often when you’re single.

You spend more money this way. You’re always out and about trying to meet someone new. When you meet someone new it’s usually a short-term relationship, and you’re back out on the hunt.

You can’t stay in because it’s boring. You want to constantly be meeting new people. The chase is often better than the catch.

Time to ask the important questions…

Is it better to be single or in a relationship for your wallet?

What’s better for saving money?

Personally, it all depends on what my situation at the time is. Every point in life is different for me. There have been times where I was studying and working full-time, with blogging thrown in there. I didn’t have time for much else at all. Then there were summers where going out and working out felt like my job.

In 2010, I spent a fortune on going out all summer. Thankfully, I had a job and was making money through blogging. My buddy and I literally went out almost every single night. Luckily, we figured out how to cut costs (taking the bus and predrinking).

Some single guys just sit at home and do nothing. Others are out every single night looking for an anonymous partner.

It all depends on your lifestyle choices/spending decisions when you’re single compared to being taken.

If you enjoy hanging out at home with your girlfriend every single day, then being taken will be better for your wallet. If your girlfriend wants to go out every single night, then it might make your pockets feel lonely.

This naturally leads into…

What about marriage, moving in, and commitment?

My friend recently let his girlfriend move in with him. He hates it. If he’s reading this, sorry for outing you like this, but you should know by now that I’m a natural instigator. I don’t want to be miserable. I don’t want to live with someone who I can’t stand.

I can’t tell you what to do here because I’ve never fully moved in with someone. I’m also not going to be there in the middle of the night for you. The traditional advice is to do what makes you happy. Follow your heart. I guess?

In reality, we all need to open our eyes up a little bit!

Are you just dying to be in a relationship? Are you willing to marry the next person that you kiss? I have friends like this. They’ll move in with the next person that looks at them. I don’t believe in that. I want you to open your eyes up and see what this world has to offer. There’s so much to explore and see. I have so much traveling of the world left to do before I think I can move in with someone.

Then there’s the flip side here…

What about heartbreak and loneliness?

It happens to everyone. Some dudes get lonelier than others. Some guys have no luck with ladies and are not willing to improve. Others love their independence and have no issues with meeting women.

My advice is to simply become the most interesting man in the world.

Get out there and see what the world has to offer! Learn more, read more, improve your appearance, approach strangers, and take some business risks if you have to. Do anything to become more interesting.

When you’re having a blast, you won’t have time to be lonely or to feel sorry for yourself. And nobody wants to be around a miserable person.

How do you make yourself more attractive?

Attraction isn’t a choice.

Do you ever notice this? You see a beautiful girl on the street and you fall in love. You think about her non-stop. Your friends don’t get it. You don’t get it either. Attraction isn’t a choice. Conversely, you might see some attractive female with an ugly walrus. You wonder why. You want to know why? Because she’s attracted to his confidence, attitude, or something else.

Attraction isn’t a choice. You can’t try to be logical or to force someone to like you. It’s not that nice guys finish last, it’s just that everyone on this planet wants what they can’t have.

How can you become more attractive instantly?

  • Go on trips. Have you been anywhere fun lately? Any stories to tell? Anything to talk about? Go on a trip and come back with legendary tales.
  • Have good stories to tell. Everyone loves a great story-teller. You won’t even have to focus on the content. It’s often the character that makes the story.
  • Work out. You’ll look better and you won’t have any time to feel sorry for yourself. You’ll be constantly pushing yourself. You can check out our other site, Kettlebell Rebels for more details on this one.
  • Learn more stuff. The more you learn, the more you have to talk about. What have you learned lately?
  • Be more interesting. Why would anyone want to be your friend or talk to you? Do you have anything interesting to discuss?

You need to stay busy in your 20s. Life’s too short and this is the best time in life to take control of everything. You can start a business, go on cool trips, and save up tons of money.

What if you’re too busy to even go out? There are other options.

Should you try online dating?

Why not?

You have nothing to lose. I used to mock online dating until I met a buddy that sold me on it. My friend used to love online dating because he had his own business and worked long hours. He didn’t have time to get drunk every weekend or to spend his evenings gallivanting. He still didn’t want to sleep alone or be stuck feeling lonely. So he turned to online dating and loved it. The aforementioned buddy who just moved in with his girlfriend, he met her online.

What dating sites should you try?

I’ve noticed that the free sites like Plenty of Fish are a joke. Girls go on there to feel good about themselves. They get validated by horny guys that are throwing out essays full of empty compliments.

My friend even tried an experiment. He convinced one of his female friends to create an account. By the time she logged in for her second appearance, her inbox was flooded. How do you expect to get through?

I suggest that if you want to try online dating that you join one of the sites that charge a premium rate and take the time to ask you more about your personality. These sites will do their best to set you up with someone who you’re compatible with. The rest is on you. I personally have never met anyone off the Internet. Not sure why. But it’s worth a try if you’re bored right now. I’ve heard of many positive experiences.

That’s all that I have to say about the economics of being single compared to dating.

What’s my conclusion on the economics of dating?

Life’s amazing. If you’re single, take the time to improve yourself and to meet as many people as you can.

If you’re taken, don’t forget that you’re still an individual.

I find it absolutely hilarious when personal finance writers debate whether they would date someone in debt. Um, have you ever had great sex before? That’s the last thing that you’re thinking about.

Getting married, now that’s different, you have to discuss everything.

I do feel that you spend more money when you’re single only because you go out more often and don’t have anyone to keep you in check. This doesn’t mean that you have to find a partner ASAP. Just a personal observation.

Taken = you hang out with the same person all of the time and plan activities together.

Single = you go out on random nights and on many dates.

If you would love to know more about grabbing control of your life and actually having fun without going broke, then you need to check out our course for financial freedom in your 20s.

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” – Dorothy Parker

What did you guys have to say about this dating?

This article was originally published on 04/23/13. We will update it and look it over every year before Valentine’s Day with some new thoughts.

Jordan chimed in with:

“During college, I was single, alone, and in a hell hole. I probably spent more money trying to get friendly with ladies, most of whom wouldn’t give me the time of day. It’s kind of soured my thoughts on dating as a whole, but it’s forced me to be more independent. Whether it’s better to be single or in a relationship for your wallet is one thing, but which is better for your peace of mind is a whole other ball game (Gods, I hate cliches).”

Stephanie had to say:

“Glad someone wrote this! The beauty about getting married or being engaged vs. being single or dating is that the things you invest money in (dinners, vacations, house stuff, etc.) are an investment that will grow something that will last (like memories when you’re older). When you’re throwing money at a casual relationship just to win them over, you never know if that “investment” will last 3 years, 3 months, or forever.”

Bridget joined in with:

“Everything that matters further on, matters at the start. No point in pursuing things with someone you’re incompatible with in one important thing or another.

Besides, I haven’t found a correlation between great sex and a debt, so rest assured you can get the former from a partner that doesn’t have the latter.”

I’m curious to learn more about your situation. You guys single? Married? Dating? Confused? How have the economics worked out for you? You spend your life savings on dates?

The Only 6 Steps You Need to Start an Online Business Right Now

Do you want to make more money? Are you ready to finally get into the game and start your own online business?

First off, don’t even think about using any of the following common excuses:

“I can’t think of any good ideas.”

“I don’t have the money to start a business.”

“I didn’t go to a prestigious college.”

“I need to register my business first.”

A buddy actually just texted me that he wanted to register his business. I told him to focus on making a few bucks first. No more excuses or pathetic stories for not getting ahead.

Today you’re going to start your own business.

I’m serious. If you’re not serious then I don’t want you here. Close this window and find another personal finance blog to check out.

I started this blog in November of 2008 because I was bored and sick of feeling sorry for myself. I launched it with no experience and no clue (somethings never change). Now over the last six years, I’ve built this into an outlet where I can share my ideas, vent, and even make some money in the process.

It’s your turn.

Here are the 6 easy steps to start your own online business right now:

1. Stop stressing about the money.

Your first step to starting a business is to accept that you don’t need lots of money to get started.

You don’t need money to make money.

You’re not getting into real estate and you’re not buying a sports franchise. You’re starting a simple online business. This is a one man (or two) operation. That’s it. You need to just stop making excuses and get the ball rolling. It’s not that hard. I’m here to help you and make this process as easy as possible.

Once you get the ball rolling and build some momentum, it’s going to be impossible to stop you.

You just need to stop stressing about the money because all you need is a few hours a week and about the price of a cup of coffee per month for hosting to get started online.

Do you have that? Of course you do!

2. Just pick a topic already.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You just need to keep it spinning.

Here’s a newsflash: you will NOT create the next Facebook.

I’m sorry. You can easily create a steady part-time income source and even a full-time source if you stop watching lame reality shows and making excuses.

The best strategy for picking a topic that I’ve heard of is the 7 passions, 7 fears, and 7 problems model.

You write down 7 things that you’re passionate about, 7 things that you’re afraid of, and 7 problems that you have.

Then you narrow it down from there. With 21 ideas you’re bound to find something that you can move forward with. If not then you need to get out more.

3. Buy your domain and go live.

Everyday that you ponder about your idea is another day you’ve missed out on establishing yourself online. You need to stop chasing perfection and just get started. There’s no such thing as perfect. It’s all about learning on the job.

I want you to go to Bluehost and sign up for your domain hosting RIGHT NOW. You can grab a few domain names for a few extra bucks.

You can also grab hosting for $5.95/month (which comes with a free domain).

[Full disclosure: Bluehost may not be the best hosting company, but I generally have no issues with them. Whenever something goes wrong, they’re pretty quick to fix it. I included an affiliate link because I support them fully.]

I do understand that starting a blog, Twitter or Facebook page won’t solve your problems if you’re completely lazy. The thing is that this little investment will force you to take your new business seriously. You never know what can happen when you share your ideas with the world.

What are my options?

You can sign up with Bluehost or check out Hostgator to get your domain & hosting. I personally use both. This site is hosted on Bluehost. My other sites are on Hostgator. And there’s a 20% off sale at Hostgator right now. That means you only pay $3.96/month. That’s insanely cheap.

4. Install WordPress software and download your free theme.

I’ve included some screen shots below (click on them for full image) so you know exactly what to look for. Installing WordPress and your free theme should take you exactly less than 20 minutes.

WordPress is simply the software that you use to run a blog.

It allows you to publish articles and control your blog without any technical expertise.

Your theme is just the appearance of your blog.

Before you install WordPress or your theme.

Before you install WordPress on your new site you need to grab your new domain name and assign it. You’ll likely get the domain name during the sign up process. Once you’re all signed up you need to add your domain to your control panel for your host.

How to Start a Business With no Money

In your control panel you click on DOMAIN MANAGER. Then you just click on ADD DOMAIN. Now you can move on to the next step.

Installing WordPress for your new site.

To install WordPress on Bluehost you go to your control panel and you click on WordPress.

Then on the next page you simply click INSTALL. This will then bring you to next page. Here they will ask you what domain to put it on and if you accept the terms and conditions. You then press install. The final step will finally be to ask you for your desired username/password combo. Then you’re all set.

Installing Blog Software

Now when you want to log in to write posts and go on your blog all you have to do is type in and put in your information.

Time to get the theme on.

Now you need to install your free theme. Your theme is the appearance of your blog. The good news is that you do not need any graphics skills at all to get a theme up.

Here’s the process for getting your theme on your new site.

  1. Find a theme you like.
  2. Download the zip file.
  3. Go to your control panel- click on FILE MANAGER- then click WP-CONTENT- then click on THEMES- UPLOAD.
  4. Once the theme is uploaded you need to extract it. All you need to do is click beside it and then click EXTRACT.
  5. Now you need to activate the theme. You do this by logging on to your WordPress through Under the “APPEARANCE” tab you click on “THEMES.” You find your theme and PRESS ACTIVATE. Now you have a site setup with a theme ready to go.

I recommend the Arras theme for beginners. You can also pick one of the million free themes on WordPress. There’s literally a theme for every kind of genre and specific taste. Once you get a little more into it and people are actually reading your site (real people, not your parents) you can upgrade to Thesis, hire a designer, and do all of that fancy stuff.

[Note from Martin: This process will depend on your hosting company. The process may have changed since I originally wrote this article. The good news is that the process only gets simpler!]

5. Create a few basic pages and posts.

You need to create a few basic pages and posts before you can attempt to bring anyone over to your blog.

What are a few important pages that you need to setup?

  • A contact page. Keep it simple. You can download a contact page plugin or you can just list your email.
  • “About me” section. Tell everyone who the hell you are and how you can help THEM.

You can eventually worry about the privacy policy and a resources page. For now you just need those two pages. You want people to be able to contact you and you them to know what you’re all about.

What are few posts that you should get going?

  • A pillar piece. This post that you’re reading is a pillar piece. This is a huge article that others want to link to and people want to spread the word about.
  • Basic intro posts. It’s important that you introduce the basics and get into the habit of posting updates.

Once you have these pages and posts setup you can then start to promote your blog by commenting on other sites, offering to guest post, or whatever advertising strategy you plan on using.

Now you can chill out for a bit.

6. Test your business ideas out to see if you have a chance.

After a few weeks or so you’ll likely be in the habit of posting regularly and interacting in your field.

You now have the tools, hosting, and information to start a new online business in a matter of minutes. Now you need to apply this strategy:

If you’re going to fail, you better fail fast.

Test out your idea, see if it has any chance of making you money, see if anybody cares about the topic, and determine realistically if you have a chance of making anything happen.

If you realize that your first idea sucks, move on to the next one. It’s just that easy. Starting is the toughest part.

“Successful people learn from failure, but the lesson they learn is a different one. They don’t learn that they shouldn’t have tried in the first place, and they don’t learn that they are always right and the world is wrong and they don’t learn that they are losers. They learn that the tactics they used didn’t work or that the person they used them on didn’t respond.” – Seth Godin

My three most helpful posts for testing your business ideas are:

How can your small biz be a guaranteed home run?
How you can start making money right now.
How-to test your new idea to see if it can make any money.

Bonus: My offer to you.

If you absolutely don’t feel like going through this process at all, then you can send me an email to md @ and I can do this whole process for you. The point is that there’s no more excuses allowed. You’re going to start a business right now. I’ll do this for free for the first 5 people that email me.

What are you going to do?

I gave you the only 6 steps that you need for starting a business right now. You can feel motivated for five minutes and do nothing. On the other hand, you can follow the tips in here to actually get started with your new online business with practically no money involved.

Studenomics is about taking action. If you’re not willing to take action, then please consider finding another blog to read. If you’re serious about starting a business to see if you have what it takes you need to sign up for your domain and get the ball rolling. You can watch The Simpsons while you do this.

Total money involved: about $3.96/month.

Total time invested: few hours to think of a topic and 30 minutes to get everything setup.

This post has been republished a few times. Due to the importance of this article, I see it fit to update it constantly for you guys.

You can either sign up with Hosgator right now or keep on waiting for some magical moment to come.

“Here’s to the crazy ones – the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently – they’re not fond of rules. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things. They push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they could change the world, are the ones who do.” — Steve Jobs