The Truth About Working Hard vs Relaxing in Your 20s

“You can always find a new girlfriend, but you won’t always find new opportunities.”

I gave a buddy hell for turning down overtime to hang out with his girlfriend. He could’ve made some good money, impressed his boss, and helped out his team.

saving money in your 20s

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about courting, gallivanting, and spending time with cool people. There’s just a time and a place for everything. I only gave this friend grief because he’s trying to build himself up. He’s at the stage where he wants to beef up his savings account and invest in himself. He’s ready to put the work in so that he can enjoy life and make some moves in a few years that his friends could only dream of.

Another buddy then asked me about working hard vs taking it easy in your 20s. He wanted to know what I thought about the balance between working too hard to achieve goals compared to taking it easy.

My thinking here is simple: You have to work hard so that you can do whatever you want. If you want to relax, then you have to earn that. 

I believe in the following quote 100%…

“Lacking an external focus, the mind turns inward on itself and creates problems to solve, even if the problems are undefined or unimportant. If you find a focus, an ambitious goal that seems impossible and forces you to grow, these doubts disappear.” — Tim Ferriss

The best thing that you can do is take action and set a goal right now!

Without bold goals and dreams, you’re just wasting time because you don’t have a purpose or a reason to do anything.

Working long hours to invest in a rental property, business, to pay off debt, or to earn your freedom is mandatory.

Working long hours because you’re bored or because you can’t get a hold of your spending is a waste of precious time.

You can’t be afraid of work, but you also need to know why you’re working so hard.

You can’t hide behind work because you’re afraid of launching or trying something new.

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Should you work hard or relax in your 20s?

There isn’t just one answer here. You don’t have to worry about choosing between working hard and relaxing. You can find something that you look forward to doing.

What’s the truth about working hard vs taking it easy?

I can’t articulate my point too well, but the following quote sums up my beliefs perfectly…

“Man is so made that he can only find relaxation from one kind of labor by taking up another.” — Anatole France

What this means is that you have to work until you get to the point where you don’t want to relax 24/7. If you want to take it easy, it’s only because you don’t have any goals right now.

What this means is that working hard and taking it easy become the same thing.

For example,

I try to attend a weight sessions or a BJJ class at my gym as often as possible. I don’t see this as work. It’s relaxing for me to go in and train.

I attended two trips this year for business (World Domination Summit in Portland and FinCon in New Orleans) and I didn’t view any of these trips as “work.” I had a blast while learning because this is what I want to do.

You’ll eventually get to the point where your relaxing seems likes work to someone else.

What if I’m clueless Martin?

Luckily, we’re all clueless. Some of us are just less clueless. I have two articles that you need to read right now.

The Uncertainty Technique — This is the system that I follow religiously. The safe road is always the boring road. You can’t go after the sure shot. That’s no way to live life. Do something uncertain and see how it makes you feel.

Start Freelancing Now Course — I turned my book into a course. This course shows you how to go from clueless to making money. We cover everything from dealing with problem clients to figuring out what to call your business.

Nobody wants to tell you this but I will. You can always find a new girlfriend, a new job, new friends, and new shows to watch. You sometimes might only get one shot at your dreams. If you have a goal, go after it ruthlessly. Don’t let anybody get in your way. If you want to get out of debt, then work like an animal, sell all of your crap, and ditch everyone until you’re debt-free. If you want to start a business, then find a client. Stop waiting for something to happen. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes.

Do you want to work hard or relax in your 20s? You tell me.

What No One Tells You About Taking The Safe Road (The Uncertainty Technique)

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” — Oscar Wilde

Taking on big risks

The thought of death totally petrifies me. I hate the feeling of uncertainty. I hate not knowing what’s going to happen next.

I can deal with failure. I can deal with shooting for the stars and falling flat on my face. I can deal with making a complete fool out of myself. I just can’t deal with the uncertainty of life after death.

What’s the point of this? Well, I’ve come to accept this uncertainty and I dance with it. Nothing is guaranteed in life.

I’ve also come to understand that safety is the most dangerous thing in this day and age.

What’s uncertainty all about?

According to Wikipedia, Uncertainty is defined as:

“The lack of certainty. A state of having limited knowledge where it is impossible to exactly describe the existing state, a future outcome, or more than one possible outcome.”

In other words, you have zero guarantees and you don’t know what’s going to happen next.

I get really nervous when chasing goals. Before my last pro wrestling show I wasn’t ready at all. I didn’t want to go out for my match. I thought of excuses and possible ways I could fake an injury. My nerves always take control of me.

Then, I just go and adjust accordingly. This applies to traveling alone and starting new business ventures.

Here’s a shocking truth for you about taking the safe road : nobody knows what the hell they’re doing. Nobody is ever certain of anything. We’re all uncertain about everything. Some folks just appear to be more confident. Others just don’t care and avoid safety at all costs.

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What happens when you do the certain thing?

Nothing good in the long run. You just keep on keeping on.

I have a friend who’s so predictable and I just can’t handle it. You can guess where he’s going to be at all times and what he’s going to say next. He never has a new opinion, a new idea, or anything interesting to share. Truthfully, I rarely even hear from him anymore because he’s busy being predictable.

I recent shared this article on Facebook about a man who wrote about wasting his life. I usually don’t share this kind of crap, but I really wanted to open some eyes and spark some discussion. The man is 46 and realizes that he didn’t chase after any of his goals nor did he follow through on any plans. He took the safe road and now he’s emotionally bankrupt.

The article finishes off with a startling statement:

“I realized I let procrastination and money stop me from pursuing my passions when I was younger, and now I am dead inside, old and tired.”

That’s just terrible. That’s where the safe road gets you.

What’s The Uncertainty Technique?

This is concept that I’m introducing to you right now. The general idea here is that it’s more beneficial to go after the uncertain route than going for the sure shot. As hopeless as it feels to let go of control, you sometimes have to. There’s no fun in going after only guarantees.

Don’t you want the prettiest girlfriend? The best friends? Top career path? Amazing experiences?

Before we go any further, we need to look at why most of us fail miserably and give up when it comes to the uncertain path.

We either blatantly take the safe road, slack off, or just create excuses.

This brings us to the concept of the lizard brain. This article over at The Huffington Post describes it best:

“The lizard brain is the resistance. The resistance is the voice in the back of our head telling us to back off, be careful, go slow, compromise. The resistance is writer’s block and putting jitters and every project that ever shipped late because people couldn’t stay on the same page long enough to get something out the door. The resistance grows in strength as we get closer to shipping, as we get closer to an insight, as we get closer to the truth of what we really want. That’s because the lizard hates change and achievement and risk.”

Sound familiar? Don’t feel too bad. It took me forever to just type this article up.

What’s your homework?

I want you to overcome a fear and actually start something new. Take on a challenge. Do something different. It can be as simple as finding a new part-time job or joining a new gym. If you’re really afraid, you can try just changing your Facebook profile picture.

Next, I want you to sign up for something or agree to something that’s very uncertain.

Every single person reading this has failed to launch at some point. That’s in the past. Moving forward, I want you to launch constantly and to embrace failure. There’s nothing worse than not trying.

“The moment that you feel that, just possibly, you’re walking down the street naked, exposing too much of your heart and your mind and what exists on the inside, showing too much of yourself. That’s the moment you may be starting to get it right.” — Neil Gaiman

What You Can Do With $1,000 Right Now to Skyrocket Your Income

“I only have $1,000. What should I do? Is there anything worth doing with this money?”

A friend complained to me about his life situation. He didn’t know what to do next. He felt like he didn’t have enough money to do anything. He wanted to invest money and increase his income. He just didn’t know where to start.

If someone legitimately wants help, I try to help them. This guy was just trying to garner sympathy. So I didn’t bother because I knew he wouldn’t listen or would just create excuses.

The problem is that everyone thinks that you need money to make money.

We all assume that you need to have thousands of dollars to even bother with investing money. Many of my friends think that there’s no point in thinking about investing money unless there’s big money at stake.

I don’t agree with that.

You should invest in yourself even if you only have $100 or just $10. If you want to increase your income, you need to invest in yourself always.

Today I’m going to break down the different ways you can invest $1,000 to improve your situation and make more money (who doesn’t want more money?).

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How can you invest $1,000 in yourself to see explosive results as a freelancer or someone just looking to make more money?

Attend a conference in your field or a field you want to get into.

If I had to start over again, I would attend more conferences and meet as many folks as possible as soon as possible.

The first conference that I ever attended was the financial blogger’s conference (FinCon) in Chicago in 2011. I had just come back from a Euro trip so I wasn’t sure if I could swing this excursion. I also didn’t want to miss a chance to meet all of my blogging peers in person.

So what did I do? I drove down to Chicago. It was like ten hours of straight driving through the night. I also found a roommate and enjoyed the free drinks offered at the event.

After the first night, I realized that this was the best idea ever.

Why are conferences so amazing?

  • You can talk to anybody that you want.
  • Real business talk happens after a few drinks.
  • You learn from successful folks.
  • You make connections.
  • You drink and have fun.
  • You jump ahead.

If you want to see explosive results, I would recommend attending a conference first. Find a field you want to enter, track down an upcoming event, research who’s going, and show up.

Buy a book.

I don’t care how unique you think you are. Anything that you want to do has already been done by someone. Every successful person has a biography. Every possible self-help topic has been covered.

Books are amazing because someone out there has conducted hours/years of research and put it into a book for you to buy for about $10.

All you have to do is read the book and apply the tips in it.

Go on a trip.

Get out of your comfort zone! Go on a trip and explore this planet.

It’s difficult to quantify the value of a trip because you just can’t explain what happens to you when you travel. Take some money and just go away. This might just be the best investment you ever make.

Take someone successful out for lunch.

I read this tip on Get Rich Slowly years ago and it has stuck with me since.

Think about how simple this idea is. Email or message a successful person that you look up to, ask them to go for lunch, and pick their brain.

Think about how many lunches $1,000 is? A ton. That’s lots of good conversation and food. How could you go wrong?

Start a blog.

You can start a blog for pocket change. For a few bucks per month you can share your ideas with the world.

Your blog is like your resume. Studenomics has brought me on trips, put me on the news, and landed me some sweet paying gigs. A few dollars will give you the platform to show everyone what you have to offer and what’s on your mind.

Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this opportunity?

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Attend an expensive event.

Attending an expensive event will open your eyes. Recently, Ric Flair came to my gym. He charged $100 for a private evening of questions and a picture opportunity. I had a grappling tournament earlier that day, so I just came to help setup and left before the event started. As I stood outside, I observed all of the fans in line. These fans were lining up and ready to hand over their $100 just to meet another human being.

Imagine that? You work so hard that you no longer have to introduce yourself. You also have people lining up and paying to see you. Paying just to shake your hand. That was truly eye-opening.

Do you have $1,000 in your savings account? Are you looking to increase your income or make a wise investment?

If so, take it and use it to invest in yourself and your freelancing business. Stop wasting time. You owe it to yourself to increase your income.

Your homework is simple: pick one of these strategies. See what happens. Make an honest effort to increase your income.

If you want to start freelancing right now and make more money to do cool stuff, then you need to get your hands on a copy of my book off Amazon.

Are you going to make more money or will you remain in the same position forever?

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a M.Ed. Online

The economic environment today is very different than the one our parents and grandparents knew. When Grandpa graduated high school, there were many different paths he could take to find economic stability. College was an option, but it wasn’t required. If he didn’t have the money to go to school or he just wasn’t the university type, he still could find a good job to support himself and his family.

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case for most Americans. Without a degree from an accredited university, most job-seekers can’t even get an interview. A lot of employers want to know that the people they hire have the tenacity and intelligence to do the job right, and they use education as the benchmark.

For today’s aspiring teachers, the burden is even heavier. There is a lot of political pressure on the public education system to keep all students performing at a high level. When test scores don’t live up, the blame usually comes down on the teacher. Many states are eliminating tenure and increasing teacher accountability for classroom learning in an effort to employ only the most effective educators. NPR reports that the American public supports a major overhaul in the preparation and evaluation of teachers. It is vitally important for all educators to keep their own training up to date to keep their jobs and to meet the increasingly high demands on student performance.

In an environment such as this, today’s educators shouldn’t just settle for a bachelor’s degree. The extra knowledge and experience a master’s degree offers can help teachers live up to the new standards of the American education system. A master’s degree can help more experienced teachers acquaint themselves with the newest methods and technology. It also adds another level of job security for educators.

If you’re saying to yourself that you just can’t make going back to school work for you, there are lots of reasons why that just isn’t true. Going back to school is easier than ever, thanks to the rising popularity of the online classroom. Experts predict that 25 million people will be taking online education courses by 2015.

Here are five reasons why you should get your M.Ed. online:

life after college

1. You can’t beat the convenience.

Teachers who have already spent years in the classroom naturally don’t want to leave their jobs to get their M.Ed., but traditional college classrooms often have classes that are incompatible with a working person’s schedule. Online courses are great for busy professionals because the work can be completed wherever you are and on your own schedule.

This is also an added bonus for people who don’t have the ability to attend traditional classes for reasons other than work. Stay-at-home mothers and fathers – and other caregivers – can better themselves without compromising their other obligations.

2. Online education is quality education.

Masters of education online programs are just as effective as conventional classroom settings. VistACollege.Edu reports that 77 percent of academic institutions say their online classes produce outcomes just as effective as or better than face-to-face classes. The Huffington Post reported in 2012 that school principals are just as willing to hire candidates with online degrees as they are candidates with traditional ones. The same article also stated that teachers with online degrees and their conventional counterparts felt equally prepared to enter the workforce.

3. Online colleges offer scholarships, too.

If finances are an issue for you, online education can bridge that gap, too. Many online schools offer scholarship, grant and loan assistance to students. Apart from offering courses like Masters of education programs; Concordia Online Education, for instance, lists 11 different scholarships and grants on their website that students can apply for, including a Title I Teacher’s scholarship. Concordia also offers a free iPad or PC laptop – and free books – for students who enroll in a qualifying master’s program.

4. Many online colleges have rolling admission.

Once you decide that going back to school for your M.Ed. is the right thing to do, the last thing you want to do is wait for six months to start. Many online colleges have a rolling admission calendar, which means students can be accepted and begin courses at six or more different points during the year, not just two.

5. Online education can be more affordable.

Although not all online universities offer more affordable tuition rates than traditional schools, there are definitely cost-saving advantages. There are no fees for room and board, because you can attend school from the comfort of your own home. There are also no commuting costs, which can save a bundle all on its own.

It’s clear at this point that a master’s degree is necessary for modern educators to be successful. The best way to make this leap into the realm of higher education is evident in light of the many benefits. The flexibility, convenience, and quality of an online degree are only a few of the reasons you should look into a distance learning program that’s right for you.

How to Get Quick Cash Right Now

Situations arise that require the ability to obtain money right away. There are a few options to consider. Even those with poor or no credit can obtain cash right now. Sometimes it requires a bit of creativity on your part, however, you have to remember that “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Online Social Media for Sale Group

Most local areas have for sale groups on social media outlets. This is one of the fastest ways to sell items and get money fast. The more in-demand the item is that you’re selling; the more likely you are to have it sold within a couple of hours.

When posting in these groups, be as descriptive and honest as possible about the item and price it fairly. Those that are interested in the items are likely to haggle a bit on the pricing, but this is standard in any situation that involves buying and selling.

Offer Services to the Community

If you have any type of skills, offer them to the community at fixed prices. This can include cleaning services, landscaping, home improvements, grocery shopping services and even babysitting services. It is ideal to market your abilities to the local community as many will support those that live among them first. Research what others in these industries are charging and make your pricing slightly lower than theirs to entice more people to work with you instead.

Quick Cash Advances or Auto Title Loan

Auto title loans and quick cash advances do provide funds right away. Depending on the sum of money being loaned to you, cash may not be given. Most facilities issue a check which can be deposited into or cashed at your bank. Payday advances must be repaid in one lump sum payment. Auto title loans are spread out in smaller payments similar to an installment loan. These options are for those with a steady job and valid checking account. For auto title loans, the vehicle must be paid in full and must have a clear title.

Keep these options in mind when you find yourself in an emergent situation. Quick cash is available through a variety of different options. For some, working with a lender for payday advances or auto title loans is the best option. In other situations, receiving cash from earning it or selling items is the ideal option. Consider your need and the situation at hand before deciding which route to take for fast cash.